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Pawn Shops in Florida

Simple Pawn

Pawn Shops in Florida | Simple Pawn

If you need help paying that high utility bill, unexpected car repairs, or just short of cash until payday, we can help! Simple Pawn is the best place in Florida to pawn your goods. Clients choose us as their pawnbroker for two important reasons:

  • Our convenient collateral loan process is faster, more discreet, and completely confidential.
  • Every client receives a generous cash loan based on the worldwide market value of their goods. No credit checks are ever made and we never report to credit agencies.

Jewelry Pawn

We specialize in valuable diamond jewelry, fine designer jewelry, large carat diamonds, colored gemstones, and luxury timepieces.

With many years of industry expertise in the diamond and estate jewelry trade, our loan specialists are recognized for their higher cash loans on previously-owned diamond jewelry and high-brand watches.

Customer Service | Simple Pawn

Premium Customer Service

Every day you walk in our doors, our mission is to ensure you have received the best customer service from our associates.

We understand that knowledge is power, so our goal is to give you the most aggressive up to date quote on all your new or used goods. We want you to leave knowing what you have, and what it's worth in today's market.

If you haven't visited any of our four locations, we welcome you to stop by and see what Simple Pawn is about!

"Love this store! They re always so nice and really work to keep me happy. Martita is my favorite associate there"
- Brandi
"I got an awesome deal on some jewelry here, sold me a 14k chain, one 14k charm, and one 14k pendant for $400 I d recommend anyone to do business here with the store manager or manager... not sure which title it was but his name was Jose I believe... his initials on the receipt was J.L. My mom purchased this for my Christmas present. No regrets. Thanks again"
- Jeremy Lagos
"Came in to browse and had a great customer service experience! Ended up purchasing a new fire arm thanks to JS s knowledge and attention to detail. Highly recommended!"
- Jessica Davila
"Tony, the store manager was extremely nice and funny. Very down to earth and definitely did me a solid. We will be returning customers for sure. Thanks Tony!!!"
- Terry And Shannon Grindle
"They mean business, no pressure, clean shopping experience. We got an awesome bike, looks brand new and for a nice price. Top it all off with immaculate customer service. I will definitely shop there again."
- LaToya
"Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Spent an hour closely inspecting a desktop computer for my step daughter with Mark. Fantastic conversation. They know their stuff, and when they have a blind spot, they're willing to learn. Addendum: Bought several items recently from them. Always fair prices."
- Matthew Wozniak
"Absolutely great experience. Very personable staff and priced right inventory. NY"
- Doug Swenson

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